Jazz/Soul Pianist, Vocalist & Composer

Deep Resonance (NEW!)

by Mala Waldron

Released 04/22/2016
Soulful Sound Music
Released 04/22/2016
Soulful Sound Music
Deep Resonance is an intimate, up-close-and-personal look into an artist's creative soul. C. Michael Bailey (All About Jazz) says Waldron's voice is "richly crepuscular and emotive." JazzdaGama.com says you would be remiss if you did not acquire your copy."
  • 01:01 Story Lyrics Mon Amour_preview clip_1min



    "MON AMOUR” (music & lyric by Mala Waldron)


    I believe in magic 'cause

    I've seen it in your smile

    I believe that things unfold

    like stories told that

    make you want to

    linger for awhile

    Then I found that I was falling

    like a star upon the shore

    Mon amour, mon amour


    How I love the many colors

    of your rainbow voice

    And that strange magnetic field

    that pulled me with such force

    as if I never had a choice

    Then I dropped all my defenses

    fully open to explore

    Mon amour, mon amour


    I want to feel your arms

    around me, rolling softly and free

    I want to breathe your love

    surround me warm and tender

    Glowing like an ember

    in sweet surrender


    I've been to paradise

    just gazing in your eyes

    And I know the tide of tears

    that rises every time

    we say goodbye

    'Cause your love for me

    is a miracle and it's

    you that I adore

    Mon amour, mon amour

    Mon amour

  • 01:01 Story Lyrics I Know_preview clip_1min

    “I Know”


    You have hungered for a deeper love

    You have sensed it but not long enough

    So you feel ------ hopeless


    Disappointed 'cause you've been deceived

    Holding on in silence as you grieve

    And it seems ------ endless


    In the soul of a man lies the truth

    But the faint of heart will turn away

    before they find proof

    There's a treasure that waits to be shared

    And a beauty undiscovered yet


    So you take a step and you think it's right

    Then you wonder what it must be like

    To feel ------- fearless

    Be not afraid, I'm with you still

    There's a meaning to these things

    you will one day see it

    and be grateful


    In the soul of a man lies the truth

    But the faint of heart will turn away

    before they find proof

    There's a treasure that waits to be shared

    And a beauty undiscovered


    I know, indeed I know

    We are filled with mixed emotions

    that can't define us (oh no)

    I know, Indeed I know

    There's a love that's all around you

    You just can't see …......

    What I know

    But I know 

  • 01:01 Story Lyrics Free as the Wind (Margot's Song)

    "Free as the Wind" (Margot’s Song)


    Free as the wind blows through the

    Beechwood trees

    I heard her song

    it came to me

    Lovely as a wildflower

    Growing in the mountains that glint

    silver in the sun

    And her smile warms everyone


    Look in her eyes

    Wherein the truth can’t hide

    Colors that change

    Reveal her mood

    Natural as the grass grows

    Bright as when the stars glow

    And eternal as the moon

    With a love always in bloom


    (Bridge) Breath of fresh air

    Just like Lozère

    We can go there anytime -- in our minds

    Remembering the things you said

    Books you read

    All is kept

    In the universal mind


    Clear as a bell

    Deep as a wishing well

    She loves the land

    She lives in peace

    She can make you smile and

    Laugh away your troubles

    A free spirit soaring high

    And she knows just how to fly


    © 2010


  • 01:01 Story Lyrics Feelin For You


    When I wake up in the morning

    with a smile upon my face

    because I've been dreaming

    dreaming about you

    And I just can't wait til I see you next

    Makes me feel just like a child (like a child)

    Like a sunny day, you make it all worthwhile


    And I Know that you feel it too

    I can tell by the things you do

    And the look that's in your eye

    Lets me know that it's not a lie

    And it feels too good to be true

    I'm so happy since I met you

    I want to know you inside out

    Climb a mountaintop & shout


    Feelin for you, you

    Feelin for you, you, you

    And I know that I can't forget you

    Sure 'nuff since the day I met you

    This feeling for you, you, you


    When I wonder how you're doing

    That's when you always seem to call

    The moment I hear your voice

    I know that you're alright

    And you lift me up with the things you say

    Help me make it through the day

    You inspire me in your very special way

    (oh, oh, oh, oh, oh)


    And I know that you're mine all mine

    You're my sweetness, my valentine

    And there's nothing I wouldn't do

    Just to prove that my love is true

    When you hold me you make me melt

    It's the best that I've ever felt

    And at times I can't express

    All my joy and happiness


    (Chorus): Feeling for you, you

    Feeling for you, you, you

    And you know that I can't forget you

    Sure 'nuff since the day I met you

    This feelin for you, you, you, you, you

    This feelin for ...




With appearances by: Vincent Gardner (trombone) - Tracks 1 & 6
Allen Won (Bass Flute) - Tracks 2 & 5
Akua Dixon (Cello) - Track 3
Maurizio Rolli (Fretless Bass) - Track 4
Jonathon Peretz (Percussion) - Tracks 1 & 5